manufacturing and selling pizza peels - blue iron pizza pans - cutting boards for pizza


Artisan Production and Sale of Pizza Peels and Tools for Pizza, Bread and Fresh Pasta

Traditional Construction Techniques,
Care for the details,
Production also made to measure,
Quality of Employed Materials,
Excellent value for money,
Respect for the Customer,
Detailed Information and Advice at each stage,
these are some of the characteristics that distinguish our company and our products.

Through the website we decided in 2011 to bring our experience passed down from generation to generation on the internet.


In our laboratory we continue to realize everything as it once did, keeping alive the craftsmanship that has been handed down to us and that we keep alive with passion

We continue to serve our customers of all time (private individuals, bakeries, pizzerias, etc.) and through the website we give everyone the opportunity to buy our items.


This also allows us to better understand the needs of each of you in order to make even pizza blades and tools for pizza and fresh pasta tailored to meet specific uses, both domestic and professional.