Blue Iron Rectangular Pizza Pan Cm. 30 x 40 x 3h Straight Edge

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Blue iron Rectangular Pizza Pan (Width Cm. 30; Length Cm. 40; Height Edges Cm. 3- Straight Edge


Blue iron pizza pan for electric oven and wood-burning oven of pizzerias, bakeries, restaurants, etc.

Ideal for cooking pizza for everyone, even in the home, they want to get a perfect pizza, colorful and fragrant also below.

This pizza pan can be used only for the preparation of pizza, bread, and generally for all doughs based foods.

This becomes non-stick pan after the treatment of "burn" described below.

Ideal, for its medium-small size, to be also used in F1 P134H pizza ovens  or household electric ovens kitchen.

The slices pizzerias can use this pan for the preparation of the half portion of pizza pan.



Blue Iron Pizza Pan for Professional Use 4 Edges Straight Thickness 8/10

Dimensions: Width cm. 30; Length Cm. 40; Straight Edges height cm. 3

Not varnished and untreated

Iron mm thick. 8/10

Weight Kg. 1,05



Unlike the normally sold in non-stick Teflon trays oven, this blue iron pizza pan resists to oven temperatures of more than 200 degrees, even for a long time, and are therefore also suitable to be used in wood ovens where the temperature exceeds also the 350 °

In fact, the non-stick Teflon pans, when subjected for a long time at temperatures above 200 degrees, begin to peel, with the possibility of contaminating food with the same Teflon.

Also, unlike aluminum pans, this blue iron pizza pan do not run the risk, by baking the pizza in the oven, this remains under white and soggy.

In fact, with this blue iron pizza pan, the pizza will be colorful and fragrant also below, thanks to a better transmission of the heat of the oven to the pan.

Finally, unlike the oven pans realized with other materials, this blue iron pizza pan, once subjected to initial "burn treatment", will become perfectly non-stick and the pizza can be fired without the need to grease the pan, but putting pizza dough directly on the same pan.

This blue iron pizza pan, with respect to pans made of different material, are particularly suitable for the preparation of pizza, bread and other dough based foods as they have excellent heat conduction capacity, warming before and in a manner uniform over the entire surface.



These blue iron pizza pans have some peculiarities that is appropriate to know: if they are subjected to temperatures around 300 ° C tend to deform (embark), provided that not certainly makes it unusable, but certainly not very "pleasing" to be seen. Obviously those who use a common household electric or gas oven, it does not reach these temperatures and the problem hardly occurs (unless the pan is not placed next to the grill on!). For those who are using professional ovens where temperatures exceed 300 ° C, the risk can occur very easily. However a way to stabilize the tin and therefore curb the problem, is to arrange them in the oven at 400 ° C with a weight on the surface (from the shorter sides), such as bricks tuff (or other material resistant to high temperature). In this way the metal is undergoes a tempering process, becoming much more stable.

P.S. This method is however empirical, there is no guarantee that always functions, for this reason we do not recommend the purchase to those who are not willing to accept the eventual deformation of the pan (which in any case can also occur at temperatures below 300 ° C ).

Before Being Used for the First Time:

If this blue iron pizza pan will not be "burned" in accordance with the instructions below, will remain porous and the pizza will stick to the pan.

Do not wash the pan with water before doing this treatment, even when the pan will present the oily surface.

The oily surface of the new pan is due to the oil used in the production of protection.

In this case, before making the treatment described below, bake the empty pan to a temperature of 150 degrees for 30 minutes, remove the pan from the oven, allow to cool and clean it with the kitchen paper to dry (internally and externally).

In this way protection of the oil is removed and the pan is smooth and not greasy.

For Burning the blue iron pizza pan, do the following:

1) The new pan (do not wash) must be greased all (internal and external) with a thin layer of olive oil with a brush and is baked in the oven or gas to the maximum of the oven (300 degrees) for a period of about 20 minutes.

2) It takes out from the oven and cool for a couple of hours ago.

3) it anoints again of oil and it goes in the oven for the second time at the same temperature for a period of 20 minutes circa.

4) It pulls out, it makes cool and you clean the pan with kitchen paper (note that cleaning of the pan with kitchen paper it should be done only at the end). At the end of the above described "burn treatment", you will get a baking sheet covered by a dark coating that cold will become tough and nonstick. During the "burning" procedure in the oven may form smoke to which the local ventilate it well in where you run the burn treatment.

For a success of the initial burn treatment, the following is stated:

- brush to remove a thin layer of olive oil, taking care not to form patches or oil accumulations. In this way, the burn will be clean, without wrinkles, bubbles or areas where the burn is thicker than the rest of the surface.

- Burnout of the blue iron pans in a wood oven allows to obtain better results, thanks to the high temperatures that can reach (above 350 °) compared to domestic ovens. In this case, for the burn, the blue pizza iron pan must be fired for a shortest time of approximately 10 minutes;

- if the burning is performed in an oven with low temperatures (example. 160-170 °) the firing time of the blue iron pizza pan can be greater than 20 minutes.

- whether you use a wood stove or an electric or gas for domestic burnout of the blue iron pizza pans, to understand as long as necessary to keep them warm in the oven for each burning session, just observe the achievement the oil smoke point. That is, the blue iron pizza pan should be kept in the oven for burning until they start to make smoke and blackens the surface of the pan. Just starting to make smoke and the pan is blackened, go pull out oven.

- in place of olive oil EVO you can use the oil seed. In some cases, best results are achieved with the oil of seeds with that of olive oil;

- although normally not necessary, you can put in the oven oiled iron pizza pan also a third time;

- if you use a domestic oven for burning the blue iron pans, place the greased blue iron pizza pan on the grid and not on the cooktop

- if after the burn procedure described above, in the process of cooking the pizza dough should stick the pan, just remove the residues of dough with a spatula and repeat the burn procedure;

- all the blue iron pizza pans, if empty and fired at high temperatures, tend to flex and board slightly. Therefore, during the transaction of burning (especially if the pan is long) as soon as the temperature reaches the pan will flex slightly. However, this is a temporary situation because once cooled, the blue iron pizza pan will resume its normal shape. It's not recommended to put weights on the blue iron pan during burning to avoid leaving fingerprints or areas not burned properly.

Periodic maintenance:

The blue iron pizza pan should never be washed with water.

After the use should be cleaned with a paper towel and, where appropriate, by scraping the surface with a spatula to remove the residues of dough.

For avoid scratch and ruin the non-stick surface of the blue iron pan, cleaning of the pan is recommended the use of a spatula in high resistant polymer.

If the blue iron pizza pan is not used for some time, before storing part, grease all over with olive oil (or seed) and wrap it in plastic wrap for cooking. This way you will avoid the possible appearance of oxidation points (rust) .

As for exceptional reasons, the blue iron pizza pan should be washed with water, this must be dried immediately and put in a hot oven to evaporate of humidity on the surface.

Avoid contact with acids and detergents.

Do not use in leavening compartment and shock freezing. all right reserved

Cod. AF00324