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Production and Sales through the internet of Pizza Peels, Tools and Equipment for Pizza and Pizzerias of Quality and Made in Italy



palepizza what we do pizza tools and pizzerias equipment


Who is this site:

palepizza.it is aimed at all those who professionally or in the home realized in the traditional way:



Fresh pasta

and search for the original equipment and quality of traditional Italian.

Our customers are therefore the pizzerias, restaurants, bakeries and individuals in general for their domestic needs.

We are in great to provide both small and large quantities with possibility of product customization to suit your needs.

We ship our products both in Italy than in any other country in the world (European and non-European countries)

You can contact us at any time (before - during - after purchase) also to request product information or for any of your information needs, both by email: info@palepizza.com and by phone at +39 - 340 066 47 99


The products we manufacture and sell online:

On this website you can buy, in particular, the following items manufactured in the majority, in a traditional way, using traditional techniques and experience consolidated over the years:

wooden pizza peels in evaporeted beech wood

aluminium pizza peels for professional use

aluminium "metro" pizza peels

wooden pizza peels by the meter

wooden bread peels

wooden pizza peels for household use

wooden cutting boards  for pizza

aluminium pizza trays

tools and equipment for pizza and pizzerias

blue iron pizza pans for professional use

sieves for beech wood flour

pizza boxes for scooter

delivery thermal bags and rucksacks for pizza

pizza oven tools and accessories for cleaning and maintenance of the wood oven

tools for bread and bakery


How to use our website:

for those who view it from displays desktop

In the top left corner of each page of this site is the "Categories Articles" menu in which they are cataloged, divided into categories and sub-categories, all the products and items sold.

- for those who view it from mobile / tablet

Clicking on each item built in each category and sub-category you enter the product which shows detailed information with photos and detailed description.

In order to make online purchase it is necessary, if you have not already done so, register on the site and providing your shipping information.

At any time you can always ask for assistance through l'email info@palepizza.com, both with regard to the registration site for the purchase, availability and shipment of products.

Product availability is indicated on the site for each item, it is always updated and rifererisce of actual products in the finished goods ready for shipment.